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I hate food. I hate food.
Food destroys people.

I ate cake. And cake.
Seriously, I ate cake and then cake.

I want to starve more than anything.
If I'm happy here why is that not enough?

I thought this was gonna be so easy.
And I long for the days when I just didn't eat, and it was wonderful.

It's control, wonderful, wonderful control

i want to stop eating

i just... i just don't see another option


  1. I hate food too...

    I wish our society was simple and food wasn't avaliable everywhere you turned.

    ~ Harlow

  2. Cake. I have done the same thing. My friend left one at my house. Then, the next thing I knew, my mother sent me a cake, too!

    It's weird how I can do well as long as that stuff isn't in my house. Even if it's at someone else's house, or right in front of me at a restaurant, it's pretty easy to turn down. But when there is a whole mom-made cake in my house, I almost feel obligated to enjoy it. It's so effed up, because really all it is doing is feeding my sugar addiction. My mom, who lives 1 1/2 hours away, isn't going to know whether I eat her cake!

    Sorry for the tangent . . . just had to share my own cake dilemma.

    Maybe we can start an anti-cake club.

  3. Omg, cake. My mum works at a bakery now, so the birthday cakes we get are fucking MONSTROSITIES of many layers and chocolate swirly things. I feel your cakey pain.

    The middle path, the one between two extremes, can be the hardest one to find and keep your feet on. You've got two uneven electromagnets or wind machines set up on either side of you truing to pushpullyankshoveblast you, and it's so easy to go with their forces. We need something to hold in our arms to withstand the poles and stay on track. Say a huge balance pole or a really big cat.

    I hope you're having a good time at the new job, besides the evil fucking cakes <3

  4. I hate food too honey.. but starving after A CAKE is more dangerous than starving itself. I've tryed and I know... Wake up with a new purpouse, start the day thinking about something else and not CAKES or FOOD in general..
    Fasting (or starving) is CONTROL when you (or better WE) are able to control how much to eat..
    Don't fast, not right now.. wait and get use to eat little portion..
    with love

  5. My friend made me a vegan cup cake, specially, just to say thanks for being me, I stood over the bin with it for half an hour before eating it, in its little horseshoe shape and icing, and my god did it taste good, and i tried to purge after but my body refused to let it go, and then I spent the next two days on a huge binge, like there was nothing else in the world but eating... then i lay in bed and cried,
    it is hard trying to be beautiful


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