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My mum has found everything.
Posts from this blog, comments I kept, the long assessment letters from the doctors.
She knows everything.

She went through all my personal things. And read everything.

I could cope before.

No more

how can I possibly carry on? I wish I could find an end. everything is broken. nothing can be fixed. I've ruined my whole life

I have nothing left

I am so afraid - and so alone - and so empty

The price of power

All the power I have comes from the mirror: it comes from seeing fresh, clear skin, big brown all-absorbing eyes, soft dark hair and plump pink lips. From toned legs, a trim waist and slim arms - my power comes from my confidence; my power comes from the way I look.
It's a lie, when people say it's what's inside that counts. But we all know this. We all know that's a load of crap. The world is powered by superficiality.

As a woman, being beautiful is more important than anything. Period. And I don't mean fake hair-extensioned, plastic beauty, I mean REAL beauty.
I mean that naturally glossy smile, that healthy twinkle in the eyes, skin that glows and a body that's lean and fit: with charisma that sparkles.
You see, when a woman has all these things, she can command anyone - any man, even any woman.

I don't have Real Beauty.
But sometimes, with a great deal of effort, I can come pretty close. The experiences I have in this state are simply ethereal.
I can wrap peop…

Back on the crazy: Fit men and alcohol

I'm trying to work out exactly where my life went from bulimic, dull, law-student to starving, vivacious, teenager... (again)....
...Oh that was it, meeting D and deciding to stay at ''the Club'' and socialise with them...
I am back to being the crazy, drunk, fun-loving girl I was at University (as a result of being a member of "the Club'' at university.)

Ohh I managed to resist the temptations of a lustful life for so long! I came to London and law school with such good intentions! I even came to "the Club'' in London with good intentions - to be boring, and do my job and go home! I avoided all men and all alcohol.
(If you read all my old posts back, you'll see, if it hadn't been for me sleeping with Hugh last week, I'd be about to hit a one year dry spell in the sex department!)
But now, men and lust and alcohol are back in my life with a vengeance - reminding me just how much I missed them. And my flirty, hedonistic personality a…

The Club

This blog is my crazy space.
It is the only place in the world, where I can be crazy. - Or rather, it is the one place in the world where I can talk, uncensored, about my crazy behaviour in the real world.
Sometimes - as with the story I am about to tell - some people see my crazy behaviour - but you guys get the full picture.
I suppose, what I'm saying is that this blog is not just about my eating disorder. It's about the terrible insecurities in my head, the reckless behaviour and the irrationality that comes from my mental instability - All the things that have created my eating disorder and which are also borne from my eating disorder - Body dysmorphic disorder, need for male attention, shopping addiction, obsessions, reckless drunkeness... the list of abnormalities goes on.

Now, 'The Club'.
I've mentioned it in posts before, but feel I should explain it better for the purpose of this story.
I was a member of 'The Club' at my university in another part of the…