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Who's in my head full of beauty

This post is not so much about thinspiration, but the women who inspired my vision of beautiful perfection, made me believe in it, aspire to it... head full of beauty inspiration.

Vivien Leigh

I've been in love with Vivien Leigh since I was about 5 years old. be truthful I was in love with Scarlett O'Hara. Gone with the Wind has been my favourite film since I saw it as a little girl. I was completely blown away by her; her beauty, her courage, her power...Vivien is absolutely tiny in some scenes of Gone with the Wind, her figure was perfect. According to the book, the character of Scarlett had an 17 inch waist. W-O-W. (Proof that my lifetime idol had an ED surely!)

This last picture is my favourite of the whole movie. It's where she walks into Ashley's birthday party and knows everyone is talking about her, but her poise and the look on her face just says it all: "I'm beautiful. I'm better than all of you." Oh, I love it. I've wanted to be her for 16 years.

Audrey Hepburn

Oh I could post a million pictures of Audrey Hepburn and never be tired of her perfection. If anyone were ever to do a mathematical calculation of the perfect female face I think the results would match her exactly. Just everything about her features are in absolute perfect proportion. Imagine waking up to look at that in the mirror every morning. Not to mention the fact that she had the most beautiful, petite, ballerina body ever to grace Hollywood! There was something so fragile and delicate about her, but also something lively and vivacious (that many beautiful women such as Grace Kelly below lacked in my opinion). I am in love with this woman.

Grace Kelly

Ah Grace Kelly.
The scene on the left is from High Society - she looked stunning in that swimsuit...and there's another scene where shes in trousers where she looks amazing. The movie High Society is one of my favourite for thinspiration. She was probably the only woman in Hollywood at the time who could challenge Audrey Hepburn for the tiniest frame.

She's beautiful in a very pure way. I imagine that if Cinderella was real, she'd look a lot like Grace Kelly. Personally I love the Vivien Leigh look more for myself; sexy, bitchy, make-a-room-be-stunned-into-silence kinda beauty. But Grace is, well, she's the little-miss-perfect that can't put a foot wrong, and I love to hate that.

Barbara Carrera

Probably not a face many of you are familiar with. She played Fatima Blush in the James Bond film Never Say Never. I couldn't find that many pictures that did her justice and showed what it is about her that I love, so I've provided a link to a collection of her scenes in the film (sorry its in German).

Being half Chinese, half English, she's probably the woman on this page that I most look like (except she was half Nicaraguan) and probably the one that I would most aspire to look like. I love that sorta bitchy-glamorous look. The clips from the film say it all... a more exotic, more violent Scarlett O'Hara.

Zhang Ziyi

Memoirs of a Geisha and The House of Flying Daggers are two of my favourite films. And Zhang Ziyi is just... doll-like. Everything about her just looks as if it were hand-painted by the most delicate, precise hand. And without make-up she looks almost like a little choir boy - just the most purest beauty. Not to mention that she is one of my biggest - if not my biggest - thinspiration. Have you seen how tiny she is. God, why oh why didn't I inherit my mother's minuscule Chinese frame. I adore Zhang Ziyi and her tiny little body.

Alicia Keys

Probably the only woman on my list not to be regarded by most as a 'great' beauty, but to me she has the most beautiful, intelligent face. I think most mixed race people tend to be really pretty, and although Alicia usually wears a lot of makeup to look good, she has the features to look really attractive.

Doutzen Kroes

Unrivalled as my favourite model around at the moment. Look at that profile. I think profiles really show how beautiful someones bone structure is - and hers is perfect. Look at that nose and that jaw line. The picture abover of her with the weights is from an article that US Vogue did on her recently in their body issue. Apparently she does twice daily workouts and has 'healthy thighs'. Gotta admit the look really suits her, she glows with health and strength. A totally different look from Grace or Audrey.

Jessica Alba

I don't actually know what race Jessica Alba is, but whatever it is her looks are simply unique. I don't think she has that timeless perfection that some of the others have, but her beauty stands out because it is so raw and incomparable. Who else has features like that. Gorgeous.

Anyway, I'd love to know all your opinions!
(I am fasting at the moment.
Still thinking about that 17 inch waist.)

Fill your heads with beauty girls!
Love Ophelia x x x


  1. This actually brought a smile to my perpetually thinned lips.

    I like this post for three reasons:

    I like this post because you're not influenced by the i-D mag mafia.

    I like this post because there's no Dalston-inspired fakery or hypermodern hipsterisms.

    I like this post because it actually betrays your want of conventional beauty.

  2. i adore the majority of the women you posted. they're truly beautiful entirely- personality wise, not just physically. especially the old hollywood actresses. you have to admire audrey hepburn, i don't care who you are :)

    i haven't heard of doutzen kroes but i love her look and body- i'm going to look up more of her, thanks for the inspiration.

  3. This post is so amazing. I am in love with Vivien and Audrey. I'm going to have to look up more of Zhang Ziyi because from what i've seen on your blog she is absolutely beautiful. And Jessica Alba... she's an absolute goddess. My main thinspiration is Kiera Knightley. Are you a fan of her at all?

  4. all of these are epic [and thin!] women.

    and i so read that article with doutzen entitled iron maiden.

    stay strong hun!

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

  5. i'm chinese too! all the chinese girls i know are naturally impossibly skinny because of their inherited high metabolisms :/ nice to know that there are others with body image issues too

    great post :] i love audrey hepburn. is zhang ziyi the actress that plays sayuri? i watched that movie two days ago...

  6. Most of my inspiration comes from actresses of the 1940s they are so classically beautiful. I love Grace Kelly I wish I could have the breath taking beauty she has.

  7. god I'm in love with this post.

    I've got to get caught up with your blog. It's so hard to read everyday with people around me all the time!

    Oh, I'm also going to need to talk to you about London eventually lol! I just found out where I'll be living... somewhere between the Kings Cross and Angel Underground stations, by Islington. Ack, I'm such a fish out of water.


  8. Vivien Leigh is fucking gorgeous.
    I aspire to be her. Just like her.

  9. Thanks for the post! Great shots! I haven't heard of some of the latter ones. All classy, all beautiful to any generation.

  10. Thanks for this post. Believe it or not, Vivien had a small waist too. Hers was slightly larger than Scarlett's, though: a whopping 22 inches.

  11. Oh! What an amazingly inspiring post! I know it filled my head with beauty ; )

    My favorite without a doubt is Vivien Liegh <3 I too adore her temptress look.
    Good luck with the fasting! I'm sure you'll have that 17 in waist in no time : D

    Stay strong <3

  12. They're all just so beautiful. When you have a face like me, you need to be thin in order to be seen as beautiful, whereas these ladies are so lovely that they'd be considered beautiful even if they were slightly larger.

    I'm back, btw. Don't know if you remember me, but I've been following you for some time!! I'm at law school too - the girls vary between super tiny and slightly larger (size 12-14) with not many fatties.

  13. love vivien leigh. something about the last picture of her reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor back when she did taming of the shrew

    i've never thought audrey hepburn was attractive despite popular opinion.

    alicia keys looks great in the pics you posted, but usually i find that she doesn't dress very well, she tends to pick clothing that isn't very flattering/she is bottom heavy.

    doutzen had never heard of before but thought she was beautiful.

    i LOVE jessica alba, i think she is drop dead gorgeous.

  14. I actually Just came back to the States from England two days ago! I was around Southport/Blackpool area for about a week before heading back to London.

    I absolutly Love Zang Ziyi. Memoirs Of A Geisha was my favorite book and movie. Im happy to see that someone likes her just as much as I do.


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