Monday, 28 March 2011

You Can Dukan

Exercise and weight loss are expensive hobbies - or addictions.
I have blown serious amounts of money over the years on diet pills, diet foods, gym memberships... but in the last few months I have definitely outdone myself and wasted money I really cannot afford to waste.
I pay £56 a month for a gym membership in London - despite not actually living there anymore. I have a free gym on site where I work - but have still signed up to another super fly gym for £100 a month...(but it has incredible indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, steamroom, powerplates(!) and general all round luxury equipment and surroundings....)
I order and drink boxes of overpriced Maxitone shakes and just forked out for a pair of specially measured and fitted running trainers - costing another £100 (which then blistered and tore my feet to shreds which means my feet are out of action until the painful scabs heal)

And now, to top it all off... A subscription to the DUKAN DIET! at a lump sum price of £90.

Now, I only first heard about the Dukan Diet today as I was reading an interview with Dr Dukan in The Times Saturday Magazine talking about his revolutionary diet plan which has been helping French women maintain supremacy over us all. It's similar to Atkins in that it promotes protein, but different in that it still cuts out fat as well as carbs.
Why not.
Why the bloody hell not. I need regime, I need strictness, I need rules.
And most of all, I need a body that sings... "You have no choice about when you enter this world and when you will exit it. All you can do is do something with the life that you have. You can control that, so why not make it the best life you have? Why not take your body and make it sing?" says Dukan in the interview.

According to my 'assessment', I'll reach my 'true weight' in the middle of June.
And how will my therapist react? Well considering I'm not allowed to lose or put on weight...
she won't know
I've discovered those strap on ankle weights... perfect for keeping the weight consistent at "weigh-ins".

So I suppose over the next few weeks/months I will keep you informed about how I am fairing under the watchful eye of Dr Dukan....

*edit* Just did my supermarket shop - hello oatbran and a fridge full of 0% fat yoghurts, chicken breast and tinned tuna in brine. Excited for day one tomorrow!


  1. I agree exercise and weight loss are expensive habits/addictions. Just today I was cursing because I need to invest (read: spend my extra cash) in some more running jackets, the 2 I have are starting to fall apart.

    And gym memberships, they are exensive to begin with, but have you noticed over the years they slowly add extra fees? I got a deal on my membership for $35 a month but over the past couple of years its somehow risen to $60 a month!

    I haven't heard of this Dukan diet, I'll have to google it.

    Your poor, poor feet, I feel your pain and hope they heal quickly.

    ~ Harlow

  2. The gym memberships are evil. I used to buy a membership for gym, swimming pool and one hour of group workout per day for 40$. Now I have just the gym and workout sessions for that price, but for the pool I'd have to caugh up another 40$. Thay are just getting gradually more and more expensive.

  3. bank balance at the moment is completely pitiful!
    I hope you look after yourself; perhaps your feet are just a sign for you to take it easy for a couple of days.

  4. take it easy - diet sounds interesting, just be careful with it.
    & i agree gyms completely rinse bank accounts lol :) x

  5. If I had to calculate how much money I've spent on diet pills and diet food over my life time I might want to kill myself.


  6. Just to let you know, I've nominated you for the Versitile Blogger

  7. Gah, diet pills, gyms, workout dvds, organic/low cal foods. Exspensive is a very proper adjective. I could have bought a whole new wardrobe and a half.


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