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A Body Full of Beauty

Funny, isn't it, the effect alcohol seems to have on my writing. I suppose that's when I feel and write at my most intense, 100% raw and 100% real - no craft. All night I was conscious of the words and paragraphs forming in my head as I danced, as I stood in front of the mirror, as I kissed, as I drank... all I was thinking was how to write it down and speaking it aloud in my head.

I don't know when I will stop hating Alex or when I will stop remembering how it felt to touch him. I don't know if I could ever let another man back into my life or if I'll ever want to.
History dictates that I always do anyway.

It was a shame that I had to drink on Thursday night, and that the drink inevitably led to eating foods that I had cut out of my diet with my Dukan Diet regime. But I'm back on track again, eating only chicken, fish and seafood and drinking only water and skimmed milk.
The new gym I joined is totally worth the £100 a month that I am paying. However, I'm aware that I think that because I am mad... but it is totally mind-numbingly awesome... even though, really, it's just a bloody gym...

Anyway, point is, I feel fabulous. I've been put on a fat blasting, supreme workout plan, which is quite frankly painfully, achingly body changing. And I love my instructor for giving me kudos on my fitness and attitude and giving me the super-challenging regime I need to lose the fat. Usually I'll get set some pansy 30 mins on a treadmill workout by an instructor who gives every girl the same standard training plan - lame. With this new plan, even when my legs are screaming, I do my intervals on the treadmill with a kind of euphoria I've never felt before because I'm so inspired.

And do I look fabulous? Ha, don't be silly. Not yet, anyway. But I damn well will be. Three months, tops, until I see the number I want on the scale - that's what Dr Dukan and my trainer say separately. So imagine the effect now I'm putting them together.
Also, it's amazing what a bit of good PR does to boost my motivation to lose weight even further. Tell a friend or anyone who doesn't know you that you want to lose weight and they say: "But you're fine!" "Lose weight from where?!", "Don't be silly!". But tell Dr Dukan or a personal trainer that you want to lose enough weight to give you a superwoman BMI and they want to offer you support and planning to make your dreams come true.
"I love working with clients who are so determined and driven," my trainer said, "You're gonna be great fun to work with."
I beamed.

To top it all off, on Monday I went for my first Ballet Class and my already tight legs now feel like steel - absolutely fabulous. I must admit I was a little disheartened at being the curviest girl in the class with hips at least 5 inches bigger than anyone elses (I swear!) but I can at least be comforted by the numbers on the scales going steadily down everyday and knowing that I'll be as sleek and gazelle-like as the rest of them soon.

But don't let me put a gloss on my hard work and let you think it's been a delightful journey. Yes, I've loved working out at a higher level, and yes I've been eating well under 1,000 calories a day, and yes the scales are behaving accordingly... but today, for example, I walked and ran and ate only 180g of smoked salmon and it began to catch up with me. I'd never felt so physically sick in my life from under eating. The only way I could stabilise myself was with a bread roll with peanut butter. It killed to do it because it means totally messing up my Dukan Diet plan, but I didn't have a choice, my stomach was full of acid and making it unbearable for me to cope even though I tried to just sleep it off. It was stupid of me, I went from 7am to 4pm without any food and then wolfed down the smoked salmon and went for a run in the sunshine. When I got back I decided I still didn't need to eat and my body rebelled and I had to eat bread which was even worse! Argh! I can't be stupid about this, I have to be strict but I have to be realistic too.

So, to round off my super body issue, just as I did a post about Who's in my Head Full of Beauty, I would also like to give you a quick guide to Ophelia's Bodies Full of Beauty:

1. Victoria's Secret Models. All of them. Wow.

2. Ciara. I'm thinking 'Love, Sex and Magic' video and I'm thinking 'she must have put her body through serious pain for it to look like that'. My ex was a big fan of Shakira who did a similarly acrobatic pop video, "Have you seen the She Wolf video?!" he says like a little boy with eyes as round as saucepans. Shakira, however, has too big a bum for me, sorry Alex.

3. Nicole Sherzinger. Another athlete.

4. Megan Fox. I've never seen this lady act, and from all accounts am not missing much, but I do know, I'd give anything to look like her.

5. Jessica Alba. She's just painfully perfect.

So I know I've missed out a lot of celebs that have pretty perfect bodies, but these are my handful of women that make me sick with envy. As you can probably tell from this little selection, I have a thing about sleek athleticism, thin but strong and toned thighs, a washboard stomach and abs, mini delts on the arms even...
That's basically what I want my body to do - not just shrink, but look fabulous and healthy and strong as well. Shrinking is the easy part - it's getting the combination that really hurts.
Are there any bodies you think I've overlooked? Let me know and tell me why x x x


  1. I hate Megan Fox because I wish I looked like her so much.

    And I TOTALLY keep a Victoria's Secret catalog in my kitchen on the counter to inspire me to eat healthy. :-)

  2. I'm glad you're feeling good, and i'm glad you've got two awesome plans that will make you feel even better. Stay strong, darling. You're doing fabulous already from the sounds of it.

  3. I am so on with you on the fact that trainers are the one of the very few who will help you lose weight. And all your motivational pictures, those girls are who I look at daily with mad envy....

  4. f*** i tried to sign up at dukan and it said i should not lose anymore weight but they could set up a health plan..


    godd luck to you, go girl!

  5. This post is so inspiring.
    I hope that youi see the result .....I know you will because your doing amazing on every area.

    I will start working out in july when I finish college. This way I have enough time for no excuses.

    Keep up the amazing work super woman. Xxx

  6. Those ladies are so hot! I love that sleek yet athletic look. I'm not gonna say anybody can be skinny 'cause not anybody can. But you are truly a super hero if you are skinny AND have some definition. Good job with the food and work outs. Realistic is the only way to do this and maintain. I learned that the hard way but since the light bulb went off it's been an amazing realization. Ballet! I'm so jealous. I've not been able to afford classes in a while and I miss it.

  7. I used to read your blog all the time (and love it) on my old account. I had to delete it because of an invasion of privacy that was way worse than I can even describe, but I'm back again and blogging. Anyway, I'm glad to see that you're still blogging and I hope you will consider following my new blog. <3 Jenny

  8. I'm so jealous of your going to the gym and having a trainer. That sounds like awesome motivation. I'd love to have someone to get me going, get me moving. It would be a lot easier than doing it on my own. On my own I feel like i have to force myself to work out, plus I'm always tired, so that doesn't help.

    Good luck though!

  9. I Would totally get with Megan Fox.

  10. Natalie Portman

  11. I nominated you for versatile blogger award. Check out my blog for more details. Loves you!

  12. This is the second time I comment on here just to state, unhelpfully, how something you wrote could have come straight from my own mind, but this
    "I don't know when I will stop hating Alex or when I will stop remembering how it felt to touch him. I don't know if I could ever let another man back into my life or if I'll ever want to.
    History dictates that I always do anyway."
    this is so much how I feel about the situation with my own respective ex that I couldn't not express it.

    History dictates that despite the way I feel now, I WILL eventually fall for another, and sometimes I'd rather kill myself than see that day come.
    I don't know how you manage to cope with that feeling. I do very poorly, not eating but not exercising either, or doing anything at all but breathing, really, so I'm just a weak thing wasting itself.

    I admire your strenght and determination despite it all, congrats on all the hard work.

  13. i think that you're amazing, you have the strength i can only wish to behold and I wish you all the success in the world.

    also, megan fox - hottest.

  14. It hurts to look at this pictures and think I'll never be like that!

  15. Amazing blog, allow me to stalk!

    Check out Barbara Mori. I'd practically kill to have her body! *sigh*



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