Friday, 13 March 2009

Purge and Careers...

Ok, so this is a little bit gross, but I just had the best purge ever.

I find that the best purges are always the planned ones, where you just eat and eat knowing that you are going to be sick straight afterwards. The best purge foods are white bread, cereal and noodles. They just come straight back out in great thick, massive lumps and it is so, so satisfying to feel it. That shit that could have been in your body coming out triumphantly.
Foods that do not purge well: Yogurt (ewww), eggs, ice cream and gross dairy stuff like that - just really not worth the trauma.

Not that I'm championing the binge and purge cycle here, but if you are about to have a massive binge with the mind to purge afterwards just consider what you're eating and how easy it will come back up.

I went for a massive gym session yesterday and my arms and stomach are aching - the best feeling in the world!! My legs are still feeling fine because I actually stretched them out properly for once, so I took a two hour walk this afternoon to get a few more calories off.
I used to be completely obsessed with the gym last year and got really fit as a result. I really want to get back into that mode, I really don't think anything beats that euphoric feeling after a beasting in the gym.

...but how on earth do you manage to work out so much and still not eat?!?! I find it impossible to work out with no energy and likewise after a long work out, if I don't eat I get the most painful headaches! Is there a way to work out and not need extra food?!

I have been accepted at all three of my choices for Law School in London this September... just to decide now which one I want to go to, and if I really want to go. (I know the answer to this question is no, I do not want to study law... but at the same time, what other option is there for me?... I am really tempted to join the RAF or Army...

So knowing that I'm doing this whole army thing you probably imagine me to be this really butch, tomboy figure who is really tough and strong - well imagine the opposite of that and I guess you have a pretty good description of me.
I love fashion and clothes, I almost always wear dresses, love wearing flowers in my hair, love doing my hair, love makeup. I am (as so many people always affectionately tell me) fragile, sweet, feminine and all that kinda shit... eugh, yeah I would fit in so well in the armed forces. Not!

Oh. I don't know what I'm going to do when I leave uni! Still better get back in that gym to keep morale up eh!

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  1. It's weird ice cream was always one of my favs to purge on b/c it always made everything come back up really easily...almost always included it in a planned b/p...yeah kind of sick. I always found pizza one of the hardest to purge. Maybe cuz I ate it too fast and didn't chew enough or something.

    On your other post today it's weird when I was in uni I use to sit in my giant lecture halls and look around and think I wonder who else has an eating disorder...I could NEVER imagine anyone else had one but I knew statistically some of them had to.


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